Rea Flutes


All instruments are individually hand crafted and honed to a very high standard, each instrument is electronically tuned before it is packaged and sold.

The majority of Rea flutes are manufactured from an aluminium alloy then are plated to suit the individual needs of every customer as shown in some of our photographs.

Rea musicals manufactures metal 2+3 piece flutes as well as plastic base with metal mouth pieces employing a plastic blow piece.

African Blackwood 3 piece flutes can also be purchased with us as standard flutes or you can choose to go for our new African Blackwood 3 piece (supercharged) flute that incorporates the Blackwood with the Rea metal design also found in the photographs, all flutes are available with 1,2 and 5 keys.

We take great pride in the production of each and every instrument we produce to ensure they meet the high standards of playing abilities of all our customers. we take pride in our flute sales in Northern Ireland.